The right tool is always necessary to complete the job successful.  Knowing how to use said tool properly is also required.  Life in general requires a lot of tools.  do-over's are no exception.  And the right tools are always necessary.  Here at we try to provide a lot of options.  Here are some of the services we offer to sharpen your tools.

Partial List of Services


First Things First 

Your Recipe for Success

Resume Writing

LinkedIn Profile Development

Writing Cover and Thank You Letters

Interview Preparation and Coaching

Mock Telephone and Face-to-Face Interviews

Business Image and Presentation

Creating a Marketing Plan

Effective On-Line and Face-to-Face Networking

One-on-one coaching

Accountability Partners/Groups

Testing for self-knowledge

Using Social Media Effectively

Managing Your Finances during Transition

Mastering Communication 

Personal Energy

Self Care

Watch our calendar for when each of these offerings, individually or in groups, will be scheduled.  Most all of our offering are subject to the sliding scale.