We love volunteers and there is always a lot to do at do-over.me

If you are interested, here's the process.

Register and attend any of the Introducing do-over.me sessions.  Check the calendar for dates and times.

Complete the application below.

Send an email with cover letter and resume to Cynthia@do-over.me

Someone will call you.

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Please list days and times that you are available to work. Be specific.
Please list the type of volunteering that you would like to do and any relevant experience that you have in this field.
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Emergency Contact
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Emergency Contact's Telephone Number

Once we receive your information we will contact you to schedule an interview.  To complete the process, once an offer is extended to join the Tribe, you will be asked to commit to number of hours and days working per week, attend a 2-hour Master Training Session and then start work. You will receive a review after 30 days.