Discover your strengths!

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If you are confused and your self-esteem is taking the hit, take this Strengthsfinder workshop and move forward with confidence!

Powerfully connect to your strengths and get clear on your impact and value.  Spend more of your time being your best. Make your engagement, your contribution, and your success greater! This workshop uses the Clifton Strengthsfinder® assessment by Gallup.  Participants in this group have an opportunity to discover their unique constellation of strengths, to connect those strengths to past accomplishments and to move forward knowing how present their value to the world.  This workshop is suitable for individuals 18+ in any walks of life.  When you register and pay you will be given access to an online assessment to complete before the workshop.

January 27 - 9:00 AM – Noon

only $45

ABOUT KIM LECLAIR:  Ms. LeClair is the owner of east willow (, a one-woman creative agency. She has been a freelance web designer since 2012 and is also a career coach and certified MBTI® practitioner.  She has also been trained and is certified by Gallup to teach this workshop.  In her own words, Kim loves "to use my skills, strengths and experience to help other people discover themselves and build something awesome in the world.".

Strengthsfinder Workshop on October 20

3-hour workshop for $45.00. Includes Clifton Strengthsfinder Assessment discovering your top 5 strengths.

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