Let's have coffee and talk.  You want to know about us.  We want to know about you. Four times a month, we invite you into our office to talk.  Check the calendar for upcoming dates and times.  If these options, don't work for you, contact us to schedule something that does.

Introducing do-over.me

Who we are.  Why we were founded.  How we can support you.

Do you remember when you were a kid playing hoops or hopscotch with your friends?  Remember when you made a mistake, did something that you knew you could do better?  Do you remember calling do-over?  

Fast forward to your adult life.  How many times have you wished it were that easy to call do-over and get to try again?   

Join us to learn all about do-over.me.  The meeting will include a short presentation and an extensive Q&A session.  You'll hear about about our success stories, and understand what makes us different.  We believe in second chances.  We believe success is possible.

Introduction classes are held regularly throughout the month.  Please see our calendar for upcoming dates and times.

A little more about us

Most of our events happen at our facility at 1141 Commerce Drive in west suburban Geneva.  Sometimes there will be a moderate cost to cover our expenses.  Details can be found on the calendar or contact us directly.

Our Mission Statement

...is to provide practical support to people in achieving success, as they define it, in their work and in their lives.

Our Vision

...is to create a tribe of people who see change as a positive and necessary part of life; who joyfully embrace new opportunities and choose to act with intention to contribute fully to the the future of our shared community. 

The Values upon Which We are Founded