Member Information

Want to join our tribe?  Just complete a member registration form.  There is a minimum yearly registration fee of $50.  If possible, we appreciate an additional amount.

As a non-profit provider, we offer select services FREE of charge. Other services are offered at a reduced rate based on a sliding scale.

Free Services Include

  • Initial 30 Minute Consultation
  • Cover Letter
  • Attendance at select classes/workshops
  • Networking with other Members
  • Access to the library – Must be scheduled in advance
  • Use of the office equipment, i.e. computers, copiers, and scanners –  Must be scheduled in advance

Partial List of Services Subject to Sliding Scale

  • Completing online applications - Ask for an Individualized Quote
  • Completing and understanding testing and personal assessments -
    Ask for an Individualized Quote
  • First Things First Classes - $200
  • Jump Start Class - $100
  • Recipe for Success - $75
  • Resume Writing - $200 for revision; $350 from scratch
  • LinkedIn Profile Development - $200 for revision; $400 from scratch
  • Creating a Job Search Plan - $300
  • Interview Workshop - $100
  • Interview Coaching - $100 per hour
  • Video Taping of Interview - $150
  • Mock Telephone Interview - $50
  • Mock F2F Interview - $100
  • Mock Skype Interview
  • Computer Update Classes - $50
  • Writing a Business Plan - $500
  • Individual Coaching - $100 per hour
  • Ask about cutting edge services like Personal Branding, Video Resumes, and Personal Websites. 

Purchase a package and save more!

  • Jumpstart, Resume Revision, and LinkedIn Profile Update - $350
  • LinkedIn Coaching - $100 per hour
  • 2 Hours Interview Coaching, Mock Telephone and F2F Interview - $200
  • Business Plan and 2 Hours of LinkedIn Coaching - $550

Sliding Scale

Please note that effective May 5, 2018, as we begin FY5, we have made changes in our sliding scale. Our new sliding scale is simpler and easier to use than ever before.  Coupled with our new packages listed above, we allow you to get started and move forward at a price point that you can afford.   

FY5 Sliding Scale.PNG

The sliding scale is based on the Adjusted Gross Income on page one of your most recent tax return.  Please provide a copy of this document to validate your AGI.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 630-402-0429.

Ready to start?  Register here!  We'll take it from there.


At everyone who shares in the resources of our tribe is expected to give back to the tribe.  When you register as a member, we'll offer you opportunities to share your gifts.  We'll ask you to begin to make a regular volunteer commitment here, to train to become a Guiding Light, to volunteer to support our events.  There's lots of ways to participate.