Answers You Should Have For Your Next Job Interview


You got a job interview! Congrats! But now what? How do you stand out from the crowd? We’ve got some tips!

Why Should You Be Hired: Why should they hire you? What are you able to bring to the table? By talking about what skills you can apply to your potential job, you’re showing off your assets. Everyone has a special talent and it’s important to know yours and discuss it with confidence.

How You Overcame a Negative Experience: If you can tactfully discuss how you overcame adversity, you’re likely to stand out as an intriguing and positive candidate. It not only shows your creative side but it also shows your problem-solving abilities.

How You Get On With Co-Workers: Collaboration is an extremely important aspect to thriving in the professional world. How you get along with your coworkers is key. If you can show a potential employer how you were able to behave in team-building work, you’re going to give off the impression that you know how to associate professionally with your colleagues.

Handling Stress: Composure is detrimental to being a consummate professional. If you can be graceful under pressure, it shows you’re not only pleasant to be around but you can handle adversity with sagacity versus anxiety.

The Salary You Deserve: Know your worth. By being able to stand up for the salary you deserve, you’re showing an employer your integrity and dedication to producing quality work.

Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? While this might seem like a scary subject to broach, it is important. You need to be able to explain why you left and why you’ve set your sights on this particular job and what you want from this new experience.

Own Your Worst Characteristic: Humility is how wisdom is born. If you can own your worst characteristic, you’re able to show your ability to accept constructive criticism, which is a huge plus. Employers love coachable employees!

These are just a few helpful tips for you, however, if you need or want more help—drop us a line! Call us at 1-800-308-0826 or email us at We’re a career center dedicated to helping you rediscover your professional talents.