Let Eric Erikson and Anthony Davis explain why we are a NFP


Since I founded do-over..me almost 5 years ago, people have been asking me why I didn’t just start a for profit business selling career consulting services. I thought about that. This article helps to explain my why.

I’m 65 years old. Premier psychologist Erick Erikson would say that I am choosing generativity.; and that’s as it should be in this stage of my life. Erikson is famous for developing the eight psychosocial stages of human development. His theory explains Anthony Davis and do-over.me.

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NBA Superstar Anthony Davis Just Turned Down $48 Million a Year to Be Traded (for a Profound Reason)

By Scott Mautz, Keynote speaker and author, 'Find the Fire' and 'Make It Matter'

NBA basketball superstar Anthony Davis just announced through his agent, Rich Paul, that he wants to be traded from his current New Orleans Pelicans team.. By asking for the trade, Davis is torepedoing his eligibility for a supermax contract--exactly what it sounds like--that would total $48 million per year for five years.


The obvious reason is that he wants to play for a winner. The Pelicans are currently 22-28 and going nowhere fast, with botched management moves the norm since he joined the team.

But there's more than meets the unibrow here ("Unibrow" being Davis' nickname). Davis said this to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports in December, and he's stuck true to it:

"I'd take legacy over money. I want to have a legacy. All my people that look up to me, the younger kids, I want them to know about AD's legacy. Championships, the things I do in the community, being a good teammate, playing hard. All that stuff matters the most to me. Don't get me wrong, money is amazing. But I think in that sense, money or legacy, I think my legacy will win that battle every time."

When you think about your work on a much broader platform--serving something bigger than you, serving what matters to you--tremendous meaning and fulfillment will follow. Doing so brings a deep-seated level of happiness that more money could never, ever touch.

It's a crucial lesson for leaders, entrepreneurs, or anyone with a soul. And framing your work within the context of leaving a legacy puts a fine point on pursuing what matters to you.