Embrace Diversity with Faces of the Fox

Face of the Fox Logo.PNG

Faces of the Fox is an interactive community art installation that showcases the diversity of the Fox River Valley. Using photography and stories, we present a diverse variety of people in the suburbs and highlight what they have in common.

This photography series helps to highlight that no matter our societal, cultural, racial, or psychological differences, we all share the same desires at the end of the day.

On December 6th, Faces of the Fox will be a part of TEDx Oak Park Women. Get tickets here.

We’re excited to announce that Faces of the Fox will also be displayed at the Oak Park Library for the entire month of December with the exception of December 6, when it will be at the 19th Century Club for TEDx.

From there, Faces of the Fox will be displayed at Adler University for an extended stay beginning in early January and continuing through mid-April.

We are actively looking for a sponsor to bring Faces of the Fox 2020 to life and bring the concept to other communities. For more information, email Cynthia Wade at cynthia@do-over.me.