Be Responsible in Your Job Search Process, Get Help

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The job search process can be somewhat complex. Utilizing the help of a mentor or coach can provide clarity and add efficiency.  That means you get the job you seek sooner because you are able to tackle the right things at the right time.  Part of that job search process involves assisting you in identifying as many of the skills you possess as possible.  Some skills have specific names in the current business culture and a coach will most certainly make sure you are using the proper terms.  For instance, you know that you are exceptionally responsible and finish tasks early or on time.  You can now say that you have demonstrated time management skills.  If you are really good at organizing information, are familiar with tools such as Excel, and also find yourself analyzing information frequently and easily, you possess both database management skills and data analysis/data mining skills).  If you have a knack for being a resource for others and also enjoy engaging with people, you possess excellent customer service skills. 

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