Professionalism and Empathy are Hallmarks of

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“Cynthia is the consummate professional with a wonderful humanistic and empathetic side that is so rare in today's business community and even society at large. She is also a very smart and effective businesswoman and I applaud her courage and vision in creating

I would not hesitate to recommend Cynthia as a career coach, business coach or as a speaker. I have seen her make multiple presentations and she is a joy to watch and imparts excellent wisdom, to boot! You can't beat that combination." - Jeff A.

The mission of includes walking with you as you work through a program designed to build your confidence, increase self-awareness, and ultimately guide you toward meaningful employment. Founder and Managing Director, Cynthia Wade, is but one of the talented and caring staff members at who, for 5 years, have been focused on helping you. Call us today at 630-402-0429 to begin your journey.