How can unemployment rates go up when 224K new jobs are added?

Great question. Here's a couple of insights. Those are national numbers. A job on the east coast isn't a fit for someone who lives on the west coast, even if the skill set lines up. Why? Most companies not longer pay for relocation and individuals rarely have the funds to pay for their own. In addition, many do not want to pull kids out of school and leave the support system they have built. Another consideration is fit. Many companies will not hire people who are less than an exact fit to what they need. They will not offer training even to people who have a proven track record of being coachable and promotable. As a result many semi-qualified candidates are overlooked. In addition, those without any experience and those with too much experience, even if willing to be flexible with pay requirements are not considered. And many people struggle through the interview process because of the increased anxiety most experience during interviewing. Individuals with controlled (think like high blood pressure) mental health issues don't do well in traditional interviews, let alone the asynchronous interviews that many companies are adopting. Once employed, they do fine in the jobs that the were hired for, but the current interview process is a real stumbling block. 4 reasons why unemployment claims go up even though 224K new jobs are added. And this is just off the top of my head without any real thought. Unemployment is a real societal challenge and its only getting worse.