I'm Possible: Frances Ha, Lady Bird, and Finding Yourself in the 21st Century


Two of my favorite movies of all time are both directed by Greta Gerwig. I first watched Frances Ha when I was still in college and still had an idealistic view of how my life would be, so the first time I saw it I didn't understand the gravity of it. Years later I watched it again and realized how closely I resembled the character of Frances. 

Frances Ha if you've never seen it is the story of Frances Halladay and her struggles finding her way in the world after college. Frances was unlike any character I'd ever watched before: she's honest, she's awkward, she's aware of her flaws, she makes dumb decisions like going to Paris for three days and getting into money problems. In short, I love her. The same goes for Lady Bird McPherson in Gerwig's 2017 film, Lady Bird.

Similar to Frances, Lady Bird is a complex character. She is unapologetically herself and has confidence within her even while the people around her try to crush her dreams. What I love about both of these characters is their boldness in the face of adversity. Despite Lady Bird's struggles to apply to her dream east coast college and Frances' struggles to find employment in post-recession New York, both women make it work. It's so rewarding during the final scenes of Frances Ha when we finally see Frances landing the job she wants and moving into her own flat.


It was this winter after I was promoted to Communication Specialist at do-over.me that I told Cynthia, "I feel like Frances at the end of Frances Ha!" because after all my struggles finding employment after college, I finally felt like a success. 

Both films demonstrate to me that while staring down that kind of adversity is character-building, it can also be a prolonged nightmare for others. I'm sure if Lady Bird and Frances Ha had a place like do-over.me and a person like Cynthia Wade in their lives, they'd have a secret weapon against all that adversity (I mean, besides their badass confidence and sparkling personalities). I keep telling myself and others everyday, that if I had known about a place like do-over.me existed after I graduated college, I would have used their services all the time. 

And with do-over.me, it's more than just us writing your resume and LinkedIn profile and you going your separate (and highly successful) way. Once you're a member of do-over.me, you get access to all of our classes, workshops, and seminars for either free or for a reduced charge. 

If you're a college grad struggling to find your way, please email me at abby@do-over.me. I can help you figure out a way that will help up you fly, not falter in "the real world".