Did you succeed?

According to Marist College’s 2018 New Years Resolution Poll, 9% of people wanted to get a new job last year. Were you one of the ones that succeeded?

NY Resolution New Job (3).jpg


Wondering why?

There is so much content to wade through before even beginning to decide what to do, let alone then putting it all in place. There are books, and podcasts and TED talks* and influencers and social media site. I’m on overload just writing the words.

So what’s the difference between you and the one who succeeded?


One on one support from a professional team that cares and is focused on helping you succeed.

We are social creatures. We’re not meant to do it alone.

Let do-over.me support you so that in 2019 you will be one of the ones who succeeds in finding meaningful employment.**. Call today at 800-308-0826.

* Check out the TEDx Talk given by our founder, Cynthia Wade, here.

**Meaningful employment = Work that will support the lifestyle that you want and also feed your soul.