Relationships Matter in Your Job Search

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Job seekers are often mystified by the process of finding the right fit of their skills with the wide array of opportunities uncovered in a search. However, the answer to successfully navigating through the forest of options may be closer and more convenient than they think. Relationships matter a great deal in your life, and they can also be of incredible benefit when you are looking for a job. Those people that you recently met or those you have kept in contact with over time have had an experience of you. That in-person experience leaves impressions that you can tap into simply by letting them know you have a need. They know you, your personality, the expertise you possess, your interests and strengths. When you let them know you are searching for a job, they can keep an eye and ear out for you, referring you to opportunities that made them think specifically of you. Keep cultivating the relationships you have already established and, in many ways, they will serve you well.