The joke about age discrimination


Shared from Inc, This Morning, 01.25.19

“A friend of mine turned 40 recently, and I told him, “Hey, look on the bright side: At least now you’re in a protected employment class.”

It’s a joke on a few levels: First, I’m older than he is, and second, he’s worth millions so he’s not all that worried about finding a job. Here’s the third level: A federal appeals court just ruled that the anti-age discrimination law applies only to current employees, not job applicants.

Is this good news? Probably not so much for older job applicants, at least those in the three midwestern states covered by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin).”

Bottom line. Ageism is real. At we can help you learn how to be proactive in fighting it. Call us at 800-308-0826.