Anonymous Shares Their My #mydoovermestory

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I came to after being fired from my job of 11 years. During those 11 years I had gone backwards, sideways, but never really forward with a career.

I ended up in a department where the VP made fun of people after they were fired in large group meetings, only mistakes were pointed out and I did not have any friends or references from that department. From there I moved on to a new position that I thought I liked and would do well in, but ran into catty coworkers who back-channeled references, and once again, my old department got me fired from my new job after only 2 months. To make matters worse, the company I worked for had notification that I was "terminated" from my position online, and when you Googled my name it showed this.  I was devastated, I felt defeated and that I didn't matter. Social media dominates job searching, and recruiters only contact candidates that are a 100% match to the job, or know someone already at the company and I had no idea how to look for a job. I needed massive help. 

So I called and spoke with Cynthia, who started giving me alternatives immediately. I enrolled in the program and started working on myself.  Took a deep breath and some time off.  Went back to when I was a kid, it's not just "what did you want to do" it's "how did things/situations make you feel". 

I started a journal, writing down things I was thankful for, every day.  I went to therapy, volunteered, took assessments, had weekly meetings with Cynthia.  I took a 'deep dive' into who *I* was, and I learned that I was not a company, I was me, I mattered.  I slowly began looking for jobs that I thought I'd like. Abby helped me write a resume and spruced up my LinkedIn profile.  I was offered interview help and made new contacts in different industries. I eventually ended up working as an assistant in a different industry, full time, in a position I had never even considered.  

2 months later I accepted a director position and now make more money than my original job, and I LOVE going to work every day. I put myself into my job, my job does not suck the soul out of me, it enhances it!

I have made a 100% turnaround from the corporate drone that I was and have blossomed into myself again! I definitely recommend for anyone looking to transition into a new career, or anyone who needs help if they are stuck in a bad situation.