Introducing Winging It!: Your Secret Weapon Against Awkwardness

Winging It (5).jpg

We've all been there. You're at a corporate mixer and are just about to network with the person who can make or break your quarter, when all of a sudden, your mind goes blank and you completely forget what you were going to say. Then, the dreaded silence and awkwardness of a missed connection. Good luck sleeping after that!

Look: networking doesn't have to be like pulling teeth. We can help. 

Starting Tuesday, September 4th we're offering a 4-part networking series called "Winging It!", and it's going to be your secret weapon against awkward silences. Never fear what you are or are not going to say--either at a job interview, a mixer, or even just at your weekly staff meeting. 

Are you ready to win the fight against awkwardness?