RIP, Gig Economy?


According to a 2017 article from Forbes, the gig economy might die a slow and painful death--unless we stop it. What is the gig economy? The "gig economy" came into the zeitgeist a few years ago. Following the Great Recession, many recent college graduates became saddled with student loan debt and could not find full-time employment due to the flooded job market. However, as a sort of consolation prize to the faltering economy, many college grads ended up finding hourly gigs such as driving for Uber and Lyft or working in the freelance capacity. 

"According to a recent survey, one in every ten people in this country earns money by participating in some kind of freelance work, a number which could eventually lead to as much as one-third of the whole country in another ten years. While many look up to these gig-based employment opportunities as a source of trivial secondary income, for others it consists of their entire livelihood, everything that brings food to their table."

However, all of this might be changing soon. In his article for Forbes, Harold Stark postulates that because the gig economy is so inflated, it's only a matter of time before it bursts. 

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