Absurd HR Ideas That Need to Go


Forbes recently published a listicle I think we can all agree with. Entitled, "Ten Ridiculous HR Ideas That Need to Die", the article rounds up all the stale HR practices that elicit eye-rolling and bring on headaches. Let's look at a few of the inane HR practices the issue brought up.

  • "Ranking" Employees: turns out there are much better ways to check work progress. Ranking is not one of them. Let's take this idea out.
  • "Annual Performance Reviews": No, just, no. If an employee is aware they've made a mistake in the past and feel remorseful about it, why not learn from it and move on? 
  • "Anonymous Feedback Forms": It's called accountability and transparency. Use it if you want your employees to do a better job. Anonymous feedback forms accomplish nothing but causing office drama. 
  • "Attendance Policies": What is this, high school? Life happens. Taking disciplinary action because an employee's car breaks down is insufferable.
  • "Treating Employees Like Dirt": Hiring people based on fear-mongering or disrespect won't get you very far. It's important to treat employees with rest and kindness. It makes for a better and more efficient work environment.

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