I'm Possible: Savoring the Little Things


There are times when I'm so restless and get overtaken by a sense of wanderlust. Nothing seems to satisfy me and I find myself stranded in a place of disillusionment. I believe some therapists call this, "burnout". What do you do when you think every day is the same as yesterday? Without going into a deep, existential argument--yes you may wake up in the same bed everyday to the same job and to the same "ordinary" troubles, but similar to a character in someone's short story--you may not realize something else might be coming up on the horizon to surprise you.

But what about the waiting? What do you tell yourself when you feel like you know just what to expect from every day? 

Boredom is inevitable. It's a plateau stage right before something extraordinary happens. So then, how do you satiate the restlessness? How do you find joy again?

I have an analytical mind so when something is bothering me, I tend to go right to the bottom of it. I consider things--why should I be bored when there's so much to do? Sometimes it's as simple a thing as savoring a cup of coffee and really being grateful for the cup I've made. After all--the coffee I made is my absolute favorite and it could be worse, as banal as it sounds, I could be drinking a really crappy cup of stale coffee that I can barely stomach. Instead, by savoring this delicious cup of coffee I have and watching the sunlight bounce off the hood of my neighbor's car and through the scrub maple tree in my front yard, I've created a moment--a small but sweet memory of a time in my life when I was 28 and after some seemingly insurmountable challenges, I'm able to sip a cup of coffee on my day off and really take stock of what matters.

It may not seem like a lot, but compared to disillusionment and a feeling of taking things for granted, this practice of savoring and finding joy in the little things will imbue a sense of gratitude throughout my entire day. 

Try it for yourself sometime.