The Three Ways You Sabotage Yourself At Work


Everything triggers anxiety. Such landmines can be found running rampant in a work environment--especially if you're unhappy with your job. Some people cut and run. Others stay and fester. When it comes right up to it, how can you stop yourself from sabotaging your work?

  1. You announce it to the whole office: If you think you're the only person who hates your job somedays, you're not the only one. Still, that doesn't mean you need to shout it to the rooftops like a petulant toddler. Just because you're unhappy with your career doesn't mean you need to disrupt the entire office. When you get out and need a reference, no one will jump to help you. Act mature.
  2. You're a prisoner to your apathy: Running in a similar vein, by submitting yourself to your apathy you're unwittingly creating an ugly cycle. By continuing to not care about your job, you'll do a poor job at it, thus creating an unruly environment. Try reinvigorating your perspective and enjoying the little things.
  3. You avoid looking for another job: Even if you are crushed under an unbearable workload, if you can't find yourself a way out by scheduling time to look for another job, you'll continue to perpetuate this cycle. Set some time aside and really look. If that doesn't work or if you need pointers, why not come into Our career coaches can help you find a career you'll love.