The 3 Job Interview Questions You SHOULD Be Asking

Job interview questions. Nothing inspires more shock and awe than when a corporate recruiter or HR manager asks the dreaded, "do you have any questions?" 


This, of course, follows after the monologue you've been practicing all week about why you're the perfect candidate for this position and why they should hire you. Most people fall short when it comes to asking questions, either due to nervousness or not really know what to ask. Thankfully, however, FastCompany recently released an article regarding the "3 Killer Job Interview Questions Entry-Level Candidates Forget to Ask". Here's a quick recap, but be sure to check out the article! 

  1. Ask about what success looks like for entry-level candidates. It's a good way to show you're not only interested in the outcome the position may afford you but it's also a strong question to ask that makes you show your value to the company.
  2. Ask about the team and company culture. By doing this you show you're already assessing how you'd fit into the core of the company's culture. It's a very good question to ask because you might not fit in if it's a new-ish startup versus a classic company culture.
  3. Ask how you can get off on the right foot. This way you can prepare yourself for any unexpected hurdles or glitches. It'll also endear you to the company because of your cognizance of how an average day in the office is like.

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