I'M POSSIBLE: Taking Time for You


What does it mean to take time for yourself? I used to think that it simply meant zoning out after a long day of work with a glass of wine, Netflix, and some Cheetos. Alas, while that can be nice to do occasionally, it isn't necessarily beneficial. 

So--how do you carve out some time for yourself in a way that promotes balance and a healthier perspective? Lately I've taken to at least 5 or 10 minutes of meditation a day. The way I look at it--if you have time to worry or procrastinate on certain things, why wouldn't you use the same time to actually find the stillness within yourself to help promote tranquility instead of adding to it?

Meditation can be intimidating. A lot of the time people think, "but I have so much on my mind, how can I ever empty it all?" while others may think, "how can I ever find the time to?" 

I came across an app called Headspace the other day and was able to put my doubts to rest. Headspace allows you to take the time you need or want to take a break with guided meditation. By allowing yourself just five minutes a day with this app, you can not only schedule time just for you, but feel better about how you use your time.

Another app I use when I feel like I'm too distracted is called Flipd. Flipd allows you to turn off all third-party apps for however long you desire so you can concentrate on what really matters. 

These are all tiny but effective ways to help ground yourself during stressful times. 

Still, I feel for me that nothing beats going to bed early if I feel like it accompanied by a cup of hibiscus tea sweetened with honey and a good book. What do you do to help carve out some time for yourself?