Here's The Kind of Resume Corporate Recruiters Want

When most people create a resume, they're at the mercy of their ineptitude. This is in large part due to the fact that most schools and universities don't offer people the proper tools they need to create an effective resume. Which brings up to the point of this blog post: what exactly are corporate recruiters and hiring managers looking for when it comes to resumes? 

In a recent LinkedIn article penned by Scott Singer, Singer interviewed about 20 HR managers to hear their thoughts on resumes. Some of the answers may surprise you. 

*Has enough detail of actual accomplishments, not just responsibilities. I love when results are indicated clearly.

*Is one page.

*Reads like my job requisition!

*Has achievements/metrics vs tasks.

*Is concise and to the point.

*Is organized and straight to the point.

*Provides clear details of one's work history

*Follows the STAR approach (in other words - details a Situation, Task, Action, and Result)

*I do love resumes that have the last 10 to 12 years of experience, each with less than 15 bullets, and a snapshot of skills at the top with a summary. Much easier to read and evaluate.

*When it is really focused on their expertise and their passion of what they do. Showing immediately their dream job.

*A resume that indicates contract positions and reasons why the person left a previous position. It can aid in pre-explaining tenure issues.

*Is organized and shows me what I am looking for, right away. I also like an executive summary, right at the top.

*Has a relevant work history for the job they are applying for.

*Is a clean, concise, well-constructed resume.

*Catches my attention at first glance. Good me format, experience, industry or education.

*Is visually appealing, in chronological order, has details on job duties, and is grammatically (well-written) proficient.

*Really paints the picture of what they do in their job.

*Easy to read, legible font.

*I LOVE a resume that reads like a menu and not a cookbook.

*Has proper formatting.

*Includes a hyperlink link to LinkedIn (or professional social media) profile.

*Accurate employment dates and specific job duties.

*Clearly highlights skill set.

*Clean, concise with relevant information to the role they are applying to.

*Easy to read, quick to see what you want and what you can do for me. Drolly serious bogs me down and I stop reading.

*I also like it when the candidate provides a brief snapshot of the company they worked for; # of employees, annual revenue, industry, and the title of who they reported to as well as number of direct reports.

*A resume that is easy to read (bullets not paragraphs, no small or crazy font and is set up traditionally in a proper format).

*Nicely formatted and easy to read w/ bullet points

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