How To Stand Out (The Right Way) At Your Next Job Interview


Job interviews can be nerve-wracking. How can a person possibly boil down what makes them unique in 45 minutes? It can be done! In a recent interview from Glassdoor, Shea Drake spoke with corporate recruiters and hiring managers about the do's and don'ts of leaving a unique impression during job interviews. Here are a few talking points:

  • Be genuine; Corporate recruiters and hiring managers can tell when you're acting fake. Do them (and yourself) a service and be upfront about how you're feeling. You'll endear yourself to recruiters if you tell them you're feeling nervous or excited.
  • Don't limit yourself to your résumé; You are so much more than a sheet of paper, so why limit yourself? Tell a story about yourself or share an anecdote. Remember: companies are more likely to hire someone if they feel a connection with the person. 
  • Show them your best work; By sharing your best work, corporate recruiters will be impressed and your confidence will be boosted.
  • Tell a story about how you faced a challenge; If you've faced a challenging situation and came out on top after, why not share the story? You'll show your true colors and ingenuity and corporate recruiters will respond in kind.

As for the don'ts? Don't be discourteous, don't be rude, and don't disobey the dress code. If you're still having questions about how to ace your next job interview, why not come into today? Our career coaches are here to help you land the job of your dreams.