Yes, Your LinkedIn Profile Matters


"LinkedIn? People still use that?" 

Here at, we hear this comment a lot. While you might not think your LinkedIn profile has much to offer or that anyone is looking at it, you'd be surprised to learn that corporate recruiters search your profile more than you could ever imagine. 

Now the anxiety sets in (or the apathy), or even just plain curiosity... how can I make my LinkedIn profile stronger? Three simple things: Connection, Customization, and Keywords. 

Use your profile to connect with former and present employers and employees. In turn, by connecting or re-connecting with co-workers and employers, you double (or triple) your chances of opening up your job search. 

But how to do it? When making connections on LinkedIn, be sure to customize your messages. Customization is not only a pleasant and unique way to make a connection over LinkedIn but also a strategic way to more widely open your job search and hiring appeal to companies and recruiters. 

Everyone knows the Internet is a great resource for marketing yourself so think of your LinkedIn profile as a website for your business-for-one. While it might be easy to just go in and fill out the bare minimum (if that) on your LinkedIn profile, why not strengthen your profile by using precise keywords? An outsider might not know what exactly a Data Strategy and Security Engineer is, but a corporate recruiter at a major business firm might take one look at your profile and want to hire you for a company that pays you more than you currently make.

Piggy-backing off of this, another way to strengthen your LinkedIn profile is by adding what we call CAR statements to your profile. What are CAR statements? CAR stands for Challenge-Action-Result, it's a simple exercise that helps you create quantitative statements about your problem-solving skills in your particular field. You can learn more about how to use CAR statements by coming into for a free consultation. We can help you strengthen your LinkedIn profile and show you how to stand out to corporate recruiters.