Is It Better to Have One Special Talent or Multiple Gifts?

Is it better to have a professional specialty or to be a ‘Jack of all trades’ within your field? Is it wise/necessary to develop a specialty or is it more of a personal choice?” 


“More than a specialty, it's essential to have a craft. Finding your craft is different than the old chestnut to follow your passion, because a craft is more mundane than that. It's what you're good at, what you like doing. If drawing is your craft, turn problems into pictures. If it's math, every decision becomes data. People who seem to be a jack of all trades often just have one trade that they apply in many different ways to many different problems.” —Glenn Kelman, CEO at Redfin   For more information visit here.

“If you really want to add value to an organization, you’re going to need to develop expertise and be known for something — and that requires specialization. Take on the project that no one else wants. Learn or perfect a skill that others avoid. This isn’t just strategic for your career, it’s also a great source of satisfaction.” —Gary Burnison, CEO at Korn-Ferry 

“In the early stages of your career, dive deep into a professional specialty and excel the best that you can so you become known as the person people go to for X, Y, or Z. As you take on more managerial roles later in your career, you become an orchestrator of those with different specialties. That ability to broaden will be what makes you valuable. But you need to start with being good at something before you can try being good at many things.” —Sanyin Siang, Executive Director at Duke’s Coach K Leadership & Ethics Center

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