The Oscars Celebrate Diversity

Art is a reflection of life. It allows us to walk in someone else’s shoes and gain understanding of the lives of others. This year’s Oscars attempted to showcase the diverse world we live in with a sense of growing inclusion.


Just like the Oscars, Faces of the Fox wants to celebrate diversity by highlighting the unique people that live in our community. Through photos and stories, we will create an interactive art installation so people can come and see what they have in common with people who are different from them in several ways. 

While white male nominations still dominate the Oscars, the 2018 nominees are a sign that the film industry is broadening. This year, women and minorities competed in major categories, with two black actors, Denzel Washington and Daniel Kaluuya, nominated for best actor; black women Octavia Spencer and Mary J. Blige nominated for best supporting actress; and best screen play nominees including Pakistani American Kumail Nanjiani, black writer/director Jordan Peele, and female writer/director Greta Gerwig. Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird) makes the fifth woman to get a best director nomination, and Rachel Morrison was the first woman ever nominated for best cinematographer (Mudbound). Also making history this year was the foreign film A Fantastic Woman and the documentary Strong Island, both projects with transgender voices, and best adapted screenplay went to the gay romance Call Me by Your Name. Best picture went to Mexican director Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water) and best song went to “Remember Me” from Coco.

The Oscars showcased the importance of diversity in film through film highlights over the years, and ten activists came onstage during the Oscar-nominated song “Stand Up for Something,” including an eight-year-old Syrian refugee and a transgender television host. Keeping to the tone of change and triumph for women, Francis McDormand asked the women nominees to stand up and be recognized; likewise, Nanjiani lightened the mood with his humorous example of all the years he’s gained understanding of the human condition by watching films about white people, saying now people can watch films about a Pakistani family and learn the same.

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Faces of the Fox will showcase the importance of diversity in our co" themselves..  mmunities through photographs and stories of the people that live here.  People like Steve H will be invited to "label" themselves.  We'll ask, "How do YOU want others to see you?"  Steve calls himself a pot stirrer: “I like to challenge people’s notions of what is normal.”  

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