Recruiters Hate These 14 Words

  1. Synergy: When too loosely applied, the term feels hollow. Be specific about what you mean when you use this word on your LinkedIn or don't use it at all.
  2. Go-getter: This is another term too liberally applied in the eyes of experts. It's important to show quantitive results, try emphasizing CAR (Challenge-Action-Result) statements. 
  3. Best-of-breed: Everyone has things to learn still. A statement like this on your LinkedIn profile emits an air of cockiness that is a turnoff for any recruiter.
  4. Unique: Here's another term that can be replaced with a strong CAR statement on your profile. Be a storyteller, bring up a career achievement in lieu of the arbitrarily and overused "unique".
  5. Robust: Instead of "robust" use words like "wide variety" or "complete". 
  6. Strategic: This is another word that recruiters hate. Instead of using this word as a crutch, come up with either a gripping career achievement story or a riveting CAR statement that showed how you USED strategy. 
  7. Leverage: This is another bit of jargon that makes recruiters wince. Just say, "used".
  8. Metrics: Bypass this term and just say "goals" or "objective", you'll sound more human.
  9. Results-driven: Again: recruiters would much prefer if you used an example of how you got the results you claim you're making on your resume (this would be a great time to use a CAR statement).
  10. Solution: This is an especially cringy word that recruiters hate. Why? It's so generic and bland.
  11. Leader: A quantifiable statement shows that you're a real leader, saying you're a leader rings hollow. If you are a leader, you don't need to emphasize it. 
  12. Highly: Avoid this hyperbolic statement at all costs.
  13. Utilize: Similar to when people use "leverage", recruiters think you should just go ahead and say "use/used" rather than this pedantic corporate jargon.
  14. Expert: Humble yourself. Employers prefer employees who aren't know-it-alls and can grow with the company by using ingenuity.

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