8 Habits To Improve Your Life

It takes 21 days to eliminate a bad habit, why not come up with 8 new good habits that will help you lead a better life? Here are ways you can improve your outlook.

  1. Take 5 (Or 15) Minutes: This thoughtfulness exercise can help you contemplate and take stock of what truly matters in life. Just 15 minutes a day can help you feel more organized and balanced. 
  2. Eat Breakfast: While it can be easy to put off breakfast, you should indulge in that bacon egg bagel or granola; it'll give you that brainpower you need to go the extra mile. 
  3. Be Inspired: Find something that gets your creativity flowing. It could be a painting, an article, or a short story. Maybe it's a movie you've wanted to see or a quote that galvanizes you. Ride the wave of inspiration!
  4. Energize Your Brain: Try doing a crossword puzzle or some logic problems, look up a new word and use it throughout the day. 
  5. Make a To-Do List: Instead of just feeling like a whirling dervish of activity, take 5 minutes and make a to-do list. You'll not only feel on top of it all but feel a sense of accomplishment when you cross things off it. 
  6. Plan a Budget: Following the same trajectory, by planning a budget and saving your money, you'll feel a sense of reward at the end of the week when you do decide to buy that fancy cheese. 
  7. Sweat: Take a brisk walk, use the elliptical, do some Sun Salutations, by exercising your body you'll be exercising your mind as well. 
  8. Practice Gratitude:  Here at do-over.me, we believe in Attitudes of Gratitude. By taking the time to be present and counting your blessings, you'll be able to feel better about what you have already and attract what you want in the future. 

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