Equality vs. Equity

Many people would say that treating people equally is fair. Equality is important, but it is not always fair. Equity means fairness. Let’s put this into perspective. A sloth and a leopard are put at the same starting line to race. In this case, they are equal. However, we know a sloth does not have the same chance as a leopard to win the race and will most likely lose, so putting them at the same starting line is not fair. Fair would be giving the sloth a different starting line that is closer to the finish line, so it actually has a chance. This is the difference between equality and equity. Treating everyone equally is not always fair because others aren’t given the same opportunities or have acquired the same skills. There is a great video that explains the opportunities that some have but others don’t specifically with white privilege. The people who are left in the back did not have the same opportunities as the people who ended up in the front, so they had almost no chance of winning the race. Click here to watch.

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We should consider where people come from, what opportunities they were presented with, and obstacles that may still be in their way when trying to treat people fairly. Fair is equity, not equality.

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