Who's who and what's what?

What is cultural competence and why should we care? To answer the first question, "cultural competence is the ability to interact effectively with people of different cultures" (SAMHSA, 2016). Now why should we care? Well, how can we build relationships and communities without effective communication? In order to develop interpersonal relationships with others and form strong communities, we must be able to communicate effectively with one another. This means adhering to the Platinum Rule rather than the Golden Rule. As most of us know, the Golden Rule is "treat others the way you want to be treated." The Platinum Rule is "treat others the way they want to be treated." Whether someone looks the same as you or not, they may not want to be treated the same way you would. The best way to find this out is by acknowledging the differences and discussing them. 

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Faces of the Fox aims to create a more culturally competent community in the Fox Valley by showcasing the diversity that lies in Aurora, Elgin, St. Charles, Geneva, and Batavia. Through art and stories, Faces of the Fox will educate the communities on the unique souls that live in our same zip codes. We will highlight the differences AND similarities between participants. Join us this summer to see what similarities you have with others in the communities!

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