Break the Stigma of Labels


In the United States, we have labels. I’m not talking about a piece of paper. I’m talking about “handicapped”, “gay”, “African American”, “autistic”, etc. We use these labels to identify other human beings. In today’s society, people are calling each other out on the use of labels to identify others. Why is this? Does using one of these labels imply that you have xenophobic tendencies? Perhaps the greater crime is in the attempt to completely ignore another human being’s obvious physical and mental characteristics. These characteristics are not good or bad, nor are the labels that describe them. Embrace your labels. Embrace others’ labels. These labels are our identities. Be proud of who you are. Change the stigma around labels. Celebrate diversity with Faces of the Fox, a community art installation showcasing all the different labels people identify with right here in the Fox Valley this summer.

Click here to learn more about Faces of the Fox or to nominate someone to participate.