Must Love Dogs: 13 Pet-Friendly Companies That Welcome Furry Friends

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Hello, hello! It's me, Bella, the! I'm very excited to talk to you today about pet-friendly companies that are looking for new employees! 

  1. Salesforce is a company devoted to the well-being of their employees. Their embrace of pets at the office (so long as they don't disturb fellow coworkers) makes them one of the Best Places to Work. Not only that, but according to Glassdoor, Salesforce works hard to understand each employee's financial and humanitarian needs. 
  2. You may only think of Glassdoor as a great search engine to look for jobs, but have you ever considered working there? In addition to being pet-friendly, Glassdoor offers a competitive range of benefits including amazing health coverage, relaxed dress code, and enviable PTO! Woof! 
  3. Proctor & Gamble not only allows employees to bring their pets to work, they actually encourage it! Not only that but employees who do bring their pets to work get over 400 pounds of food a year.
  4. Nestlé Purina should come as no surprise! As one of the top producers of dog food in the country, Nestlé Purina offers a safe and happy working environment for employees and their pets as well! They also offer a competitive benefits package including 401K, health insurance, and more. They also offer a premium health clinic for checkups.
  5. Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants offers pet owners not only the freedom to bring their furry friend to work, but also provides pets with food, water, and bedding! 
  6. Pet Smart lives up to its name! Even if you don't have a pet, employees who do can bring their pets to work and brighten up everyone's day!
  7. Mega-corporation Amazon also has mega-love for pets! Nearly 1,500 pets are registered in the employee database.
  8. Google is a dog-friendly office! While they wish they could allow cats, the company's board does feel that feline friends might be anxious in the high-paced work environment.
  9. Etsy was founded as a dog-friendly company way back in 2005. Etsy believes having pets in the office is paramount to what their company stands for.
  10. In addition to allowing dogs in their office, Ticketmaster also provides pet insurance as well!
  11. Bissell offers pets and pet owners a special spot at the corporate office called the Pet Spot. The Pet Spot offers both a bathing station AND a play area!
  12. Just last year, Kabbage was voted one of the best places to work. Maybe it's because of their competitive salary, or maybe it's because dogs can come in with their owners.
  13. Rounding out the list is Addepar, a company that prides itself on its flexible work environment, teamwork, awesome benefits, and (of course), pet-friendly environment! 

As for me, I have been a part of since its inception four years ago.  I love it here.  Everyone is really nice to me.  For now, I'm the only dog though.