"Helper's High"

Helpers High 1.png

"The best kind of high is a helper's high."  ~Laura Esposito

A 2007 article from the Corporation for National and Community Service reviews the "Health Benefits of Volunteering," specifically citing the "Helper's High," as a positive feeling associated with volunteering. 

The health benefits go beyond generating this positive feeling of Helper's High, including "increased trust in others, and increased social and political participation."

Does a Helper's High actually exist? Can you actually glean these health benefits listed above?  Volunteer to become a Guiding Light and see for yourself! 

As a Guiding Light, you will act as a friend, mentor, and advocate, for our do-over.me members who are in need of some extra help.  Guiding Lights are expected to meet the members where they are on their do-over journey and help them as they can. Your unique set of skills, experience, and expertise will be utilized when meeting with a member.   

Laura Esposito, an intern at do-over.me, says that, "the best kind of high is a helper's high." Click here for more information and fill out an application to become a Guiding Light today!