Why Do We Need do.over.me?


Why Do We Need do.over.me? 

No matter what your income we can help you get back into the workforce. Although the employment rate is down there are still 12 million people who are out of work that need our help. The job market is changing and so is the way to apply for jobs. We can help you pave the way. 

 For those seeking employment. We offer Resume Revisions, Linkedin Profile Creation and Assessments, Career Coaching, and Interview Prep. During your job search we will harness your skills, increase your confidence, and help you become more integrated into the community.   

 If you want to get involved in our organization what can you do to help?

There are volunteer options to become someone’s personal mentor. Here at Do-Over.Me we call them Guiding Lights. Find out more and fill out our Volunteer Application today!  


 Donations are another way to help out our community. Your donations will help job seeker get a jump start on finding their Dream Job. We offer scholarships that help reduce the cost of our services. All it takes is one clink on the donate button to help a fellow community member soar into their perfect job placement. 

You can donate here.