21,387 people in Kane County are unemployed

In Illinois our current unemployment rate is currently sitting at 4.3% as compared to the national average of 4.0% as of June 2018. Specifically in Kane County the unemployment rate is 4.0%. This means that 4% of the population in our area is unemployed. This does not include those that are under employed or not happily employed. If we took into account these extra variables we would see a much higher percentage than the 4.0% for the Kane County area. Specifically, 21,387 people in Kane County are unemployed.


do-over.me is a nonprofit organization that specifically services Kane County and is located in Geneva Illinois. We help people begin the journey to being gainfully employed. Since our members are unemployed or under employed, donations are crucial to the success of our members. Through donations we are able to subsidize the cost of several memberships at this organization.

By donating to do-over.me you are helping your neighbors who are in need of help. In helping your neighbors you are working towards the betterment of your own community. Furthermore, there are various way to get involved with the organization besides donating. We offer different volunteer opportunities with different levels of involvement.