Let's Celebrate a Diverse Fox Valley

Faces of the Fox Logo.gif

Faces of the Fox, an interactive community photography installation showcasing the diversity of the Fox Valley area is coming our way soon.

Diversity not only includes differences that we can see, but also differences that lie within us. Faces of the Fox aims to educate the community about the many variations of the human spirit that lie within the Fox Valley. Each Face will have a photograph and a story to represent who they are.

Learning about the differences and similarities we have with others, will allow us to become more culturally competent. Cultural competence results in more effective communication in daily conversations, thus creating more meaningful relationships with those around us and enhancing our community as a whole.

When diversity is welcomed, more people will embrace their differences and want to be a part of the Fox Valley.

For more information on Faces of the Fox or to nominate yourself or someone else to become a Face of the Fox, click here.