Burnt Out at Work? Try These Tips!

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If you ever feel yourself bored by work or wanting more from your work environment try these tips from Threadbred.com

  • Vocalize your interests to your coworkers. If you're a chess aficionado, a foodie, or super into snowboarding or snorkeling, bring it up casually and see where the conversation leads. It might be fun to share tips or ideas and your coworkers will get to know who you are outside your role in the company.
  • Take it a step further and see if you can get a group gathering together. Whether it be a dinner party or potluck where you exchange recipes, a book club where you discuss a book by an author you all like or a snowboarding excursion. Fun activities like this can bring a different synergy to the work environment and benefit the company.
  • If there isn't a company resource group, see if you can create one yourself. It could be a great way to show your value to the company as well as to your coworkers. 
  • Most importantly: find a mentor at your work. Sometimes the work blues are inevitable, but if you have a mentor pushing you to be your best, you'll challenge yourself and work will be a constant adventure.