Illuminate Someone's Road to Success - Become a Guiding Light

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Guiding Lights is an internal program of that partners our members with community volunteers to act as a "friend, mentor, and advocate” on their do-over journey. 

This unique relationship is designed  to help illuminate each member’s innate potential for positive change and provide practical tools that they can develop to use on their career/life journey.

Initally, the idea for Guiding Lights came from an Albert Schweitzer quote that describes the inner light that resides in all of us, and how we have all needed help along the way in order to rekindle that internal flame of hope and pass it on. 

Currently, we are looking for volunteers to act as a Guiding Light for our members, as well as seeking opportunities to present at organizations and businesses who would be interested in volunteering for our program.

As a Guiding Light, you will get hands on opportunities to work directly with our members and see how your support is making a difference in people's lives. 

Don’t worry about your lack of experience as a "mentor, friend or advocate," if you think you have an interest in becoming a Guiding Light, fill out the application on our website and we will be in contact with you!

For more information on how to become a Guiding Light, click here!