= the growing use of of internships or internship-like experiences as an effective vehicle for professionals to return to work after time away.  

Paid Corporate Reentry Internship Programs 


This is a list of active corporate paid reentry internship programs. Some companies that may be testing the concept with 1 or 2 returning interns, or that have not set up a landing page to formalize the program, may not be included right away. 

  1. AT Kearney Encore (New York)  
  2. Barclays Encore (New York)
  3. Booz Allen Hamilton Return to Work (D.C., Colorado)
  4. Caterpillar Returning Professionals Development Program (Illinois)
  5. Credit Suisse Real Returns 
  6. Cummins RePower (Indiana, Minnesota)  
  7. Deloitte Encore (US) 
  8. Dow Jones Returnship (New Jersey)
  9. Fidelity RESUME Program
  10. Fitch Ratings CreditPath (New York)
  11. Ford Re-Entry Program (Michigan)
  12. General Motors Take 2 (Detroit, Austin, Atlanta, )
  13. Goldman Sachs Returnship® 
  14. GTB Elevate (Detroit)
  15. IBM Tech Re-entry  
  16. Johnson Controls Next Chapter (US)
  17. Johnson & Johnson Re-Ignite (Ohio)
  18. J.P. Morgan ReEntry 
  19. LinkedIn Reach (California)
  20. Mastercard Relaunch your Career (
  21. Medtronic Careers 2.0 (US) 
  22. MetLife Act2 (US)
  23. Moody's RE-IGNITE (US)
  24. Morgan Stanley Return to Work 
  25. Northrop Grumman iReturn (Illinois)
  26. PayPal ReCharge 
  27. PepsiCo Ready to Return (US)
  28. Return Path Return to Work 
  29. Schneider Electric Return2Work (US)
  30. Texas Instrents Encore 
  31. UBS Career Comeback