Success! Sam got a job!

when pigs fly 4.jpg

Congratuations!  Sam M has joined the ranks of our flying PIGs.  She starts a new job today.  A job that is closer to home and is paying her 12-1/2 % more than her last position.  Yeah!!!

Sam was working full time and has a 7 month old at home.  She's a busy lady, yet she found time to work on her search and found this role about 90 days after she updated her resume, her LinkedIn profile and oficially started looking.. She attributes her success to her version of a Serenity Prayer.  Sam said she "works on changing and taking action on the things that are under her control (job searching, applictions, asking for help)."  She added that she "accepts all that is not under her control (job offers, knowing the future)."  Sam trusts herself and the process.  She knows that one way or another it will always work out.

Finding work is hard work. It takes time and tears and lots of grit and hustle. With the support of, the members of our tribe find their successes and fly in the direction of their dreams.  Want to learn more? Click here.


Here's a great video about learning to fly and the person you can always count on to support you.  Courtesy of Sandra Boynton and Ryan Adams.