The ONE Skill that Gates, Buffett and Branson all say you MUST have to succeed is...

Communication.  We all talk about it.  HAHA!  Do we do it well?  Probably not as well as we could.  It's a skill.  That means that we can learn to do it better.  My favorite ways to learn better communication are reading, Toastmasters and IMPROV!  And the most fun is IMPROV!  It's not just about being funny.  It's about learning to listen; about thinking on your feet; about using the pause effectively.  Bottom line?  It's about good communication.  It's also a whole lot of fun.

That's why we offer IMPROV ensemble classes at  It's a chance to laugh and learn at the same time.  Check it out and then join us.  I guarantee that you will have fun!  

Who knows?  Maybe Gates, Buffett and Branson may show up.