We're Celebrating Our 3rd Anniversary!

at Dinner Date 3! Tonight at Abby;s in beautiful downtown St. Charles.  What a perfect evening it's going to be.  Great food!  Wonderful ambiance. Sweet sounds.  Laughter and fun.  Surrounded by family, friends and PIGs!  Yes PIGs!  They are the WHY I start with every morning.  They are among the 100+ people whose lived have changed with the support of do-over.me.  PIGs are flying at do-over.me.  They have achieved their goals!  

Reimaging your life after a challenge change isn't magive.  It takes GRIT!  It takes a GROWTH MIND SET, aTRIBE of like minded people and a lot of HOPE!  You can find those things and all the practical support you need to succeed at do-over.me.  Here's to another 3 years!  Just watch.  We're just getting started!