Myths about College Majors

This post is borrowed from my friend, Charles C. Jett

"On occasion when I was asked to deliver a high school commencement address, I said that in college, one should major in the subject that he/she likes best. That would increase one’s chances of doing well and make the college experience more meaningful and productive. I told them that there is really no correlation between what one’s major is and what one winds up doing in life.

My advice for students was this: Major in the area that you enjoy the most. You’ll do better in school. And while you are in college, concentrate on developing your critical skills – communicating, critical thinking, doing projects, participating in groups such as sports, theater, and the like, and managing your time.

This New York Times article, written by  JEFFREY J. SELINGO, seems to agree. And a salient point made is that one should not major in a subject (like accounting) that a computer can do. Good advice, I think (not, however, to raise the ire of accounting majors."

Need help making this decision?  What for new classes coming in 2018 that will support students in their college career choices.