Shut it DOWN!

2017_2018 blocks.jpg

2017?  Yes. NO.

I read this in a blog I follow recently.  Its appropos.  For the time of the year and for the changes that is facing.

"We challenge you to finally take the plunge on firing that one employee who isn’t working out. Eliminate that marketing experiment that hasn’t brought in the numbers. Cancel the meeting you know won’t go anywhere. As leaders (and as people) we tend to shy away from tough or hurtful conversations, but the sooner you end things that aren’t working, the sooner you can find the solutions that do."

We're moving on slate.jpg

We're moving!  

For the past 3-1/2 years, we have enjoyed office space on the east side of Geneva courtesy of The Shodeen Family Foundation and Shodeen Commercial Properties.  Our building has been sold and as of January 31, 2018, we will be homeless. 

But not for long!  Right now we are in the process of reimaging our future.  What will our new office/home look like?  Where will it be located?  What new ammenities will we enjoy?  All opportunities waiting to be explored.  Stay tuned for details.