Looking for a job in 2019

It's different now.  If you are trying to do the same old things that you used to do to get a job you've also got to be realizing that those same old things aren't working.  There's lots of reasons for that.  This article from Richard Bolles, yes, that Richard Bolles, cites some of the reasons why its' a whole new world out there for job hunters.  

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If you need help in navigating this new world, check us out.  We have a solid track record of helping people to secure the right career opportunity for them in as little as six weeks.  Bolles calls it the Parachute Approach, no surprise there.  Whatever you want to call it, we understand it and we can help you.

It starts with your mind set - how you see yourself.  It moves into marketing your skills successfully into an opportunity that will recognize your contributions and compensate you for them.  It includes leading with your strengths and exercising your mental muscles so that they kick in and allow you practice peak performance when you need to in critial networking and interview situations.