A Little Self-Doubt is Good For You, Really!

"You can use self-doubt to your creative advantage. A healthy level of uncertainty can propel artists and thinkers to reconsider their ideas, in turn creating opportunities to develop new insights, explains Quartz. It can also help you avoid the kind of confidence that blinds people to flaws in their thinking. Psychologists including Wharton’s Adam Grant and Ohio State’s Patrick Carroll have praised the virtues of this kind of idea-related doubt; the trick is to make sure it doesn’t morph into doubts about your abilities or character. That particular brand of doubt can be creatively paralyzing. 'Instead of saying, 'I'm crap,' you say, 'The first few drafts are always crap, and I'm just not there yet,' Grant advises."

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Self-doubt is good for you, really! While it may seem counter-intuitive to embrace self-doubt, a healthy amount of it can be great for your creative process. Just because something didn't turn out the way you expected it to the first time, doesn't mean you should stop. The fact that you have an idea in mind for a project and want to execute it a certain way says a lot about your creative process. Have patience with yourself and try again.