Idea of the Day: Prepare for reality


Idea of the Day: “School doesn’t prepare you for the reality of what it takes to excel in your career,” says journalist and Her Agenda CEO Rhonesha Byng in article published on LinkedIn on November 21st, 2017. "To get ahead at work, you have to stick your neck out — and “ask for things that scare the heck out of you.” 

We agree with Rhonda! 

Thomas Jefferson is famous for his quote, "with great risk comes great reward". It's often easier to stay in our comfort zones than to take a chance and try something new. Unfortunately, staying in our comfort zones may make us feel safe, but it doesn't challenge us and often gives birth to regret.

Rhonda also said: “In order to achieve great things you cannot wait for permission and you cannot let your feeling of fear stop you from moving forward.” 

By championing ourselves and taking risks, we reward ourselves by seeing how extraordinary we are. Life is an adventure and every good adventure is full of obstacles and challenges. Isn't it time you took a chance? Come into today and we'll help you on your journey.