Strengths and Compliments

We helped someone revise their resume recently.  She had already completed it based on the recommendations received from an advisor in the MS program she is in.  We offered to look at it and make some suggestions.  It is, after all, where our expertise lies.

resume word art 1.jpg

We talked on the telephone for maybe 20 minutes.  In sharing our suggestions, we also shared the thought process behind the comments.  She immediately made the changes and emailed the revised resume back to me.  She said, "This resume totally “rocks’ thanks to you!" and  "I am so impressed with your work!"

The purpose in sharing this story is twofold.

1.  Everyone has special gifts that are unique to them.  In many cases they are the very things that we take for granted.  Things that come so effortlessly to us, that we don't realize that they are difficult for others. and that we are really good at them.

So pay attention to the compliments that others offer you.  Smile.  Say thank you.  Don't diminish the gift by downplaying the compliment

2. Call us at 800-308-0826 for some advice on your resume. It is , after all, what we do.